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The system is made by an outbound company, so there is no sense of discomfort in operation.


【Before introduction】

Call, result registration, data analysis.
Introduced from the beginning to avoid “miss waste”
in the entire teleapo business


【After introduction】

Operators concentrate on “conversation with customers,”
which is the core of their work.
Coordination with sales staff and SVs is also smooth,
improving overall work efficiency!

ーPlease tell us about your specific business.

(Mr. Sakai)Our company C-mind emphasizes “creating new value (service, market, culture)” and develops services that are not bound by common sense.

Specifically, there are “Suriho”, a printer service for all-you-can-print flat-rate printing, and “OBIS”, which centrally manages corporate information assets from the IT side.

In addition, we are developing a number of “unlikely services that can reach itchy places,” such as proposals for Internet services for private homes and personnel consulting and matching businesses.

ーWhy did you introduce our auto course system “EVER CALL” this time?

(Mr. Sakai)That’s all about improving the efficiency of telephone operations.

At our company, about 20 operators are always involved in tele appointment work.
After all, if you make extra input work or time lag while repeatedly calling customers, efficiency will decrease and mistakes will increase.

In order to concentrate on “conversation with customers”, which is the core of our business, we were looking for a system that could automate or easily complete other tasks as much as possible.

I found “EVER CALL” there.

ーPlease tell us the most decisive factor in choosing our auto call system “EVER CALL”.

(Ms. Isomura)I compared several similar systems, but the most decisive factor was that it was originally made by an outbound company.

The operator who is making the call can evaluate the operation feeling of the system most.
It is made with consideration for usability after listening to the “voices of the site” of the operators, so there is “no strange feeling” when using it.

Do you call it a regrettable feeling like “It’s okay, but it’s a little different …”? It’s quite difficult to verbalize, but that’s not the case with EVER CALL.

So, from the beginning, I introduced it after having a lot of trust.

ーYou said that “ease of use is the decisive factor for introduction”. What kind of functions do you feel are useful?

(Mr. Sakai)Well, what I often use is the “monitoring / whispering function”.

The function is that the sales staff can check the operating status of the operator and give advice according to the situation so that the customer on the other side of the phone cannot hear it.

Unlike documents such as DM, it is important to judge the situation on the spot in telephone appointment, so I always use this function that can respond flexibly.

Other than that, the ability to input telephone appointment results with a single touch is also useful for reducing mistakes and improving work efficiency.

Also, the list display screen of the customer list managed by SV is easy to see, and it is also helpful that the data analysis is quick.

ーHow was the change after the introduction?

(Mr. Sakai)We decided to do outbound and introduced “EVER CALL” from the beginning.
So, to be honest, I don’t really feel the state of Before.

However, if there was no call system when considering the flow of the entire telephone appointment,

・Hit the phone number by hand

・Entry data of telephone appointment results

・Hit the next phone number again by hand

the above work will be repeated, right?

Of course, there will be mistakes in typing the numbers, and I think there is a lot of waste in entering the results and moving to the next call.

And above all, isn’t it difficult to aggregate and analyze the collected data?

With that in mind, “EVER CALL”, which can streamline all the work just mentioned, is a system that I think was good to introduce from the beginning.

ーHow did you interact with our support staff during installation and operation? How was your impression?

(Ms. Isomura)They always do a really good job.

At the time of introduction, a few staff members came to our company and gave a polite lecture on how to use it.

Even during operation, the person in charge of your company will actively communicate with me, so I can listen with confidence when I want to hear what I want to hear.

I always use chat as a means of communication, and I think that this point is also speedy.

It feels like a chat group is formed and exchanged between our backyard staff and the person in charge of your company.

ーFinally, please tell us your expectations and requests for EVER CALL in the future.

(Mr. Sakai)Well.
The system is still easy to use, but it would be even better if the customer’s registration data could be displayed separately for each product.

For example, if there are products A and B, and there are customers who are registered in both customer lists,
the customer’s data is designed to display the status of both product A and product B now.

I think that if only the information on product A is displayed to the operator who is telephone appointment about product A, the operation and situation judgment will be more intuitive.

However, your company is constantly improving the system, and above all, I feel that the “voice of the field” is really important, so I think that it will respond to such requests.

Also, I heard that “list generation will be possible” in the near future, so I have high expectations for its function.

Thank you for your continued support.


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