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Data management in teleapo business is easy.
It is now possible to evaluate KPIs with highly accurate numbers.


【Before introduction】

It took a lot of man-hours to record and aggregate the data
to measure the results of the teleapo work.


【After introduction】

The number of calls and call time are automatically recorded,
enabling speedy measurement of effects!

ーPlease tell us about your specific business.

We provide support for improving the communication environment and improving the efficiency of back office operations for small and medium-sized enterprises nationwide.

Companies that do not have a specialized IT department in-house are particularly pleased.

Now that the weight of “time” and “information” is increasing in management resources, is IT being utilized? Will have a huge impact on the outcome of your business in the next few years.

Therefore, our company focuses on information and communication consulting (IT environment maintenance and maintenance services) for the purpose of “advancement of management”, and is related to overall management such as new business planning, securing human resources, creating internal regulations, and improving business operations. We have a system in place to solve problems.

ーPlease tell us how you came to introduce our auto call system “Ever Call” this time.

Originally, we heard rumors about Ever Bank from our group companies. “Some places have an excellent tele-appointment system.”

At our company, we provided information on corporate optical lines and comprehensive management consulting through tele appointments, and were interested in improving operational efficiency. So I was wondering what kind of system it was.

At that time, there was a place where people from the industry gathered. I happened to meet the CEO of Ever Bank there.

So I exchanged business cards and heard about the system.

It seemed that the introduction method and cost were simple, so I decided to give it a try.

ーHow was the change after the introduction?

It’s easier to manage data and labor.

The number of calls and call time are important KPIs in the teleapo business, and Ever Call can automatically record such data.

Therefore, the numbers used to improve operations can now be obtained with less man-hours than before. The burden on site management employees has been reduced.

Also, Ever Call also has a labor management function. For example, the operator’s idle time and break time are also visualized, so I think it is also suitable for managing teleworkers.

Some of our operators work from home as a countermeasure against the new corona, so it is convenient to be able to centrally manage labor when not going to the call center.

ーWhat was your impression of our support staff at the time of introduction and operation?

Well, I think the support side is solid.

Generating a customer list is very important in the teleapo business, but Ever Bank was originally a group company operating a call center, so I was able to immediately share that recognition.

Therefore, when introducing the system, it seems that ZOOM gave detailed guidance on how to use it, and he supported us so that the operation could be quickly established.

ーWhat kind of usage scene do you have in mind in the future?

At the moment, I haven’t come up with a new usage scene, but I would like to brush up on operations that make the most of the current functions.

I would like to utilize the data recorded in Ever Call to increase the number of incoming calls and train operators.

If you have operators at multiple locations, I think it is a system that you can feel the ease of use.

Therefore, it is recommended for companies that are considering teleworking tele-appointment business in the future.

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