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The number of staff involved in telephone support has been halved,
allowing us to spend more time on tasks that we should focus on.


【Before introduction】

Hundreds of customers each month are manually reminded
by one staff member


【After introduction】

Automatically call scenarios set for each
customer attribute. By linking with other systems, the quality
of service is improved while improving work efficiency.

ーPlease tell us about your specific business.

Musashi Corporation provides comprehensive asset management consulting centered on profitable properties.

We provide comprehensive support from tenants to those who wish to invest in real estate, such as property provision, rental management, sales assistance, and finance arrangements.

Currently (as of August 2nd year of Reiwa), the number of managed units is more than 16,000, the cumulative number of units sold and sold is more than 1,700, and the number of owners is 770, which is used by many customers.

ーWhat kind of problem were you trying to solve this time?

It is an efficient telephone contact for customers who live in our managed properties.

Up until now, we had about 10 staff members, and we manually called hundreds of customers each month to remind them of rent and renewal times.

Some customers couldn’t answer the phone because it wasn’t convenient for them, so it took a lot of resources for the telephone business, including the contact again.

In particular, the staff who perform telephone work in parallel with other tasks is burdened, and there is an urgent need for improvement from the perspective of improving work efficiency and service quality.

ーPlease tell us the reason why you chose our auto call system “EVER AUTOMATION”.

The main reason for choosing “EVER AUTOMATION” is that it can be operated flexibly.

You can set the call scenario and call time according to your attributes, and if you are absent, you can leave a history by answering machine or SMS.

We need to respond to customers who live in managed properties by calling various patterns such as “reminding of rent payment”, “guidance of renewal time”, “cancellation procedure”, etc. Was a prerequisite.

It was also attractive that the system could be introduced from one seat.

As for the new system, I really want to check the feel with a minimum start.

“EVER AUTOMATION” was a service that matched our needs in terms of cost at the time of introduction.

I compared several other auto-call services that use robots, but the one that best fits the “flexibility” that we want is “EVER AUTOMATION.”

ーHow was the change after the introduction?

The big change is that the number of staff involved in the telephone business has been halved.

If you set it first, the call and re-call will be done automatically, so the routine work of “calling from here” is almost eliminated, and you only have to respond to the call from the customer. I got a call.

I feel that I have been able to devote my time and human resources to the contract work that I should focus on, which has led to the optimization of my work.

The staff at the site are also crying out for joy.

ーPlease tell us the specific functions that were useful.

It is possible to link with other systems.

In particular, linking with SMS has become an effective means of notification for “customers who cannot answer calls from unknown numbers.”

In addition, “EVER AUTOMATION”, which creates a database of telephone exchanges, can be linked with SFA / CRM.

Even though auto-call improves work efficiency, it is our stance to follow up with each and every customer in a meticulous manner.

Therefore, it is very helpful to be able to unify customer information by linking systems.

ーDid you have any particular impressions during installation or operation?

From the introduction to the start of operation, and even now, the person in charge will take care of you.

Do you call it “a friend who can easily ask anything” from the stage before the contract? You can respond by phone or chat, and the response is quick.

In the lecture on how to use it, I had a web meeting at night for my convenience.

Just the other day, I made a request “I want you to add such a function”.
It feels like a colleague working together to improve operations beyond the boundaries of the client and the service provider.

ーWhat kind of usage scene do you have in mind in the future?

At first, we introduced it to some businesses with the intention of trying it out, but in the future we plan to incorporate “EVER AUTOMATION” into telephone support for other businesses.

We will increase the number of customers by improving the quality of service without increasing the amount of work. We believe that “EVER AUTOMATION” will function as a powerful item in the future to achieve our goals.

Currently, it is in the phase where operations have become widespread within the company. Next, I would like to focus on data analysis and strive to further improve the quality of service.

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