IT導入補助金のご案内(Guidance about IT introduction subsidies)

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In August, we were certified as an “IT introduction support company” in the “IT introduction subsidy 2020” implemented by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.


“Ever Navi” and “Ever Automation” provided by the company have been adopted as IT tools subject to subsidies.This is a system in which the government provides subsidies of up to 1 million yen and minimum of 200,000 yen for the introduction of IT tools by SMEs and small businesses.(Up to 2/3 of installation cost)


The purpose is to improve the productivity of SMEs and small businesses by subsidizing part of the costs to be introduced by the government.


Those who have purchased and introduced IT tools registered for subsidy payment from an IT introduction support company certified by the government are eligible.


Ever bank can also use this system.


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