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Service for call centers


Multi-functional CTI system born from the voice of the field

All you need is the internet and a computer. Since data is managed on the WEB via the Internet, it is possible to manage multiple sites collectively and share information in real time. Significant call charge cost reductions can be expected, operations can be simplified and centralized management can be expected to significantly improve productivity in the field.

Automation service


Leave all the work around the phone from automatic calling to response with the tool!

Ever automation is a service that automates all operations around the telephone. There are various uses such as reminder work, reminders, announcements, marketing, sales promotion, etc., but it will be possible to send to tens of thousands of people per hour, which will be a major review of operation costs. In addition, since auto-calling is possible regardless of the time of day, it is an epoch-making service that can automate contact with customers without depending on the working hours of staff.

Recruitment management service


Human resources personnel can automate everything from application to hiring just by interviewing

EverNavi, an ally of human resources, is not just application management / recruitment management, but a service that automates everything from application to interview schedule adjustment and recruitment contact. It is a service that leads to a significant improvement in the overall performance of human resources by spending time on tasks that human resources should be supposed to do (interviews, recruitment, in-house 1on1, etc.) and automating all other miscellaneous tasks.

Network service

Navigate how to use communication equipment to improve the profits of SMEs

From the Internet environment, we provide general network equipment as a solution, and provide general communication consulting that leads to overall network operational efficiency and cost reduction.

Contract development service

Providing custom-made in-house system development at a low price

We are developing automation tools and management tools more simply and speedily. We will contribute to productivity improvement in backyard work, which is often complicated work, and office work by order.